The building blocks for your studio

StackIt Gobo features:

– Lightweight, yet sturdy
– Easy to assemble, stack and store
-Round edges allow you to set gobos at virtually any angle
-Available in full or half-sizes which allow you to stack to your desired height
-Interlocking tops and bottoms; joined with clips for heightened stability
-Decorative fabric covers come in a choice of five colors;

   Blue, Green-weave, Deep Burgundy, Slate or Rose-weave
-Available in custom heights
StackIt gobos are available in 3 styles and two sizes 15″ and 30″ tall.
Fabric panel –  FP15 or FP30
Multiple layers of insulation covered with fabric on
both sides, provide superior absorption at high and
mid-range frequencies.
Plexiglass Panel – PP15 or PP30
Double layer of quarter-inch clear plexiglass
provides visual capability while providing excellent
sound separation.
Combo Panel – CP15 or CP30

Natural maple on one side provides low frequency
absorption and high/mid-range frequency
deflection. Fabric on the other side provides a higher
degree of absorption.

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