StackIt Booth


StackIt Accessory Booth kit  ($3,252)                              StackIt G9 Pac  ($4,481)                                       StackIt Booth ($7,733)


The Booth Accessory Kit consists of:   4-corners, 1-Arch Top comes in two pieces, 2-arch inserts with ventilation ports, 1-Door, 2- Door Inserts and 2-Cross Pieces.

        The StackIt G9 Pac Consist of:  5 FP30, 3 FP15, & 1 PP30

A 4×4 StackIt Booth takes about 5-10  minutes to assemble and just minutes to dismantle. The picture below is a 4×4 StackIt Booth broken down and its pieces reconfigured  to create a vocal enclosure in the corner using 2 gobo walls, a percussion booth using the door and a gobo wall. The Arch top is turned on its side to create a guitar amp enclosure in the corner. Isolating the other instruments allows us to put the drums in the middle of the room for that great drum sound the room has to offer.

StackIt Gobos – the building blocks for all your recording needs.

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