StackIt Gobo System

Lightweight, Stackable, Gobos

Stack and Unstack em’ to create different configurations.


StackIt gobos are available in 4 styles and two sizes 15″ and 30″ tall

Custom heights are available.


BIg Gobo

Diffusion Panel – DP15 or DP30 Diffusion on one side and Absorption on the other, allowing more options to sonically control your environment.

Plexiglass Panel – PP15 or PP30

Double layer of 3/16″ clear plexi-glass provides visual capability while providing excellent sound separation.

Fabric Panel – FP15 or FP30

Multiple layers of insulation covered with fabric on both sides, provide superior absorption at high and mid-range frequencies.

Combo Panel – CP15 or CP30

Natural 1/4″ birch plywood on one side provides a reflective surface  Fabric on the other side provides a higher degree of absorption. 











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