Stu Hamm Signature Model Warwick Electric Bass 1064EXXX15C4ALD2WW_01


Double cutaway electric bass

Body: Red Alder

Neck: Birdseye maple with Rosewood stripes

Fretboard: Rosewood

Fingerboard radius: 20″

Scale length: 34″ (long scale)

Pickups: EMG X Soapbar MM / J

Electronics: EMG Active 2 Way

Controls: 1 Volume Neck/1 Volume Bridge, Balance, Treble/Bass Stacked

Machineheads: Warwick with Hipshot D-Tuner and wooden knobs


GHS Boomers .045-.101

Amp & Cab:
Hartke 5500 Head
Hartke HyDrive 4x10s

He usually leaves the eq flat, sometimes only giving a nudge to the low ends if needed. Typically it is just bass straight into the head.

Usually not used, but he’s been known to use Boss Delay, SansAmp distortion, Digitech Bass Whammy for octaves . He uses a Korg Pandora every now and then.