Guitar Workshop Plus ‘Bass Summit’

Bass Summit with special guests Stu Hamm and Rhonda Smith

(San Diego Session – June 21-26)


This course will give you the tools to tackle all musical styles including Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz and much more using a broad range of technical skills on the bass including soloing, slap, walking, writing wicked bass lines, fretless technique, two hand tapping, and playing killer grooves. Topics will include maximizing your groove, interacting with the soloist (making them sound good), writing your own bass lines, total fretboard knowledge, learning all modes of the major and minor scales, soloing on any scale, riff development, pentatonics, symmetrical scales (diminished and whole tone), and much more. All topics will be applied to multiple musical styles, and is not limited to any one style, taste, or interest. This course will be designed for beginner to advanced students alike and will take your bass playing to the next level. Students in this course will enjoy having their mind blown by very special guest visits from international bass legends Stu Hamm and Rhonda Smith. Being a bass player is awesome, but hanging out with and learning from legends might be even better.

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